Welcome to New Earth Café, a unique dining and wellness journey where modern health and nutrition meets ancient spiritual traditions.

How do you feel today?
Your body is a temple, and we’re here to help you treat it that way.
It has seven sacred chakras, or energy centres, and when all seven are open and aligned, positive energy flows freely, helping you achieve physical, mental, and spiritual harmony and manifest your best self.

We take a holistic, meaningful approach, and believe in the power of food to nourish, and bring pleasure.

Our menu is tailored to the chakras, so you can eat mindfully, instinctively, and joyfully whilst engaging all your senses. Our food is natural, organic, and free from gluten, meat, dairy, and added sugar, and we never compromise on flavour or quality.

We care deeply about our planet and do all we can to reduce our environmental impact by working in synergy with nature, sourcing sustainably and ethically, and minimising waste.

The New Earth Café is intended to be a safe, welcoming, and inspiring space: a community hub where your wellbeing is our priorityand where we can learn, grow, and give back together.